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Mode of Admission

An admission from has been enclosed in this prospectus to be duly filled by the parents/ ward of the students and to be deposited to the school office at the time of admission.

New Student's Admission

  1. School Leaving Certificate
  2. Caste Certificate
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Photo sate of Adhar-Card
  5. Photo state of bank account pass book
  6. Photo state of Ration-Card/ Residence Proof
  7. Photo state of DMC of Previous class
  8. Six Passport size photograph of student ( Three-Three passport size photograph of Father, Mother, Or Guardian )
  9. E-Punjab TC

School Student’s Admission

  1. E-Card
  2. Photo state of DMC of Previous class.
  3. Photo state of bank account Passbook
  4. Phote state of Adhar-Card
  • Leave of absence from school should be applied and it is absolutely necessary.

  • Leave can be granted to students on behalf of parent's phone call. The application must be signed and recommended by the parents/Guardians or leave application can be sent through E-Mail of prescribed H.O.D.
  • In case of any urgent task or any marriage leave, only One leave will be granted on the behalf of parns Phone call/Meeting.
  • In Case of serious illness(more than five days) Medical certificate signed by authoritative doctor must be attached with the leave form. Parents meeting is compulsory with principal.
  • Any Other kind of leave can be granted on behalf of parents meeting to principal.
  • Ordinary on leave is granted to students during the course of Examination.
  • E-Card is required for half day leave, No Leave will be granted before 12:00 Pm. If ward is present in the school.
  • If a student remains absent continuously for seven days without applying for leave his/her name will be struck off.
  • Student must wear uniform prescribed by the institution, Only on birthday, student could be without uniform.
  • No student is allowed to bring mobile phone in the school. Bringing bikes is prohibited in the school premises. None student should miss-behave or ill-treat with fellow beings or with the employees of the school.
  • A student found with the same, will be heavily fined or rusticated from school.
  • In case of leave for participation in any activity from outside the school, the application must be recommended by the Principal & convener of the concerned activity.
  • Ornament things are not allowed.
  • Smoking and possession or use of alcoholic beverages or delinquency under the influence of alcohol is strictly forbidden in the institution.
  • Any Student breaking or damaging any school property shall be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement and shall be punished under the school rules.
  • Student must avoid filthy language and loud talk in school.
  • The student must look up to the notice Board at least one time of the day.
  • Please switch off the fans & lights when leaving the classrooms.
  • In case student's long absence without any information.
  • If student fails to attend Two subject paper or Three monthly test.
  • If any report of any miss conduct is confirmed against the student.
  • In case of indiscipline.
  • In case of quarreling in Vans.
  • In case of use of prohibited substances.